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Is Sex Good for your Brain?

Sex is associated with many things, including pregnancy, disease, pleasure, abuse, love, and much more. It’s  a basic fabric of human nature in more ways than most of us can imagine. Without it, none of us would exist. But what if the act of sex could be helpful to your body in other ways? What if it was good for your brain? Over the last several years, more and more

Can Sex make you Better at your Job?

You’ve probably heard about various health benefits associated with sex, including more energy, enhanced immune system, better heart health, and much more. These are all true, but what about when you go to work? Can having regular sex make you a better employer or employee? (more…)

Trichomonas: The Most Common STD You’ve Never Heard Of

Most adults around the world have heard of sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, gonorrhea and hepatitis, but what about trichomonas. Have you ever heard that word before? Would it surprise you to find out it’s a highly contagious STD that you could easily contract? Here’s what you need to know about trichomonas, and how to hopefully avoid infection. (more…)

The Truth About Kids and Masturbation

When you think about the sexual health of your children, you probably consider the physical and emotional changes they will experience. Some of these include hair growth, penis and breast growth, mood swings, pimples and body odor. But do you consider masturbation? This healthy and normal part of maturation is often times overlooked. (more…)

How Common is Sexting in College?

According to a recent college survey, more than 50% of students have received sexual images on their phones, and nearly 80% have received suggestive text messages. Nearly 70% admitted to sending suggestive text messages, and 10% passed on these messages without receiving permission from the original sender. (more…)

Does Male Circumcision Reduce the Risk of STDs?

Male circumcision has always been a personal decision for a family or individual, and often times involves religious or cultural beliefs and traditions. But what about the health pros and cons about male circumcision? Are there health benefits that should be considered before making this decision? The CDC released guidelines regarding the relationship between male circumcision and risk of contracting STDs. (more…)

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