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Confidential STD Testing

The STD Testing process is completely confidential. Only you have access to the results.

Comprehensive 10 Test Panel

We recommend a complete 10 test panel to screen for the most common STDs.

Get 100% Satisfaction

We have specialists to help you through the process should any concerns or questions arise.

Fast Testing Centers

Testing at the testing centers can take as little as 5 minutes. No need to wait.

Free Doctor Consultation

If your test results are positive, you have access to a doctor who can discuss treatment options with you.

Extremely Easy Process

Using our service enables you to get extremely quick, 100% confidential, and reliable STD testing results in a simple 1-2 -3 step process.

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Find an STD Testing Center in or near Hawaii

There are several STD testing locations in or near Hawaii. You should be able to find a testing center near you. Browse the list of centers below or enter your zip code in the search area above. View test packages and pricing.

STD Testing in Hawaii

If you've never been tested for STDs, there's nothing to worry about. The procedure is practically painless and simple to do. Each test requires either a blood or urine sample which you provide at one of our testing centers. Once you're done, just wait for your results, which should come in about a week. You can schedule an appointment ahead of time, or just walk in.

std testing center mapTo make the process even more simple, we have over 4,000 locations across the country where you can get tested. Each facility within the state of Hawaii provides testing for all types of STDs, including HIV, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis and herpes. If you want to get tested for multiple STDs, we can do that as well. Just order our 10 Test Panel and we will test for all of them at the same time.

Every test we administer is kept strictly confidential, and our testing centers are CLIA-certified with FDA approved testing methods. These tests ensure the most accurate results. If you receive a positive diagnosis, we have doctors who can provide FREE phone consultations regarding your test results, (except for oral herpes), and possible treatment options. If you feel you may be infected with an STD, there is no better time to get tested.

Hawaii STD Statistics

Despite thousands of dollars being spent annually on STD education, treatment and prevention in the state of Hawaii, numbers are still on the rise. The following stats about sexually transmitted diseases in Hawaii may surprise you, but the fact remains, more work needs to be done.

  • Hawaii spent over $365,000 in 2013 on programs to help with STDs.
  • Women between the ages of 20 and 24 are the most susceptible to contracting chlamydia.
  • 54% of high school students surveyed admitted to having not used a condom during their last sexual intercourse.
  • 42% of new HIV cases diagnosed in 2011 were for caucasian individuals.
  • Men who have sex with other men are 3 times more likely to contract HIV than any other population.

Age, socioeconomic status, sex, religion or race do not play a factor when it comes to contracting STDs. If you engage in sexual activities, you are susceptible to these diseases, and should get tested. With less than half of the adults population testing for the full range of STDs, it's no wonder the numbers are increasing. Get tested today for your own health, and the health of your sexual partners.

Benefits of Using Us to Get Tested in Hawaii
  • Tests take no longer than 5 minutes.
  • No paperwork is required at testing facilities.
  • Finding local testing centers is simple to do.
  • Your data is encrypted using the highest standard in the industry.
  • You can check for chlamydia and gonorrhea with one simple test.

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