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Hepatitis A Testing Information

Our SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE testing method

The test for hepatitis A requires only a small portion of blood. This will be drawn by a lab technician at your local testing center. This takes very little time. Occasionally, a small bruise may occur where the blood is drawn, but it shouldn't be very painful. You don't have to do anything to prepare for your test. No fasting is required, just show up at your designated time and try to relax.

The best time to be tested

The best time to be tested is somewhere between 2-7 weeks after sexual contact. The virus has a 28 day incubation period, so testing too early could provide inaccurate results. In vary rare cases, less than 1% of the time, hepatitis A can prove to be fatal. It is also common for 10-15% of patients to experience symptoms for up to 6 months following treatment.

Interpreting your test results

The test results usually come back within one week, and will show up as either positive or negative. A negative result means no hepatitis A was detected. A positive result means antibodies of the hepatitis A virus were found in your blood.

Treatment of Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A can be treated, but not cured. Treatment involves medication and monitoring of your liver through a physician to make sure it heals properly. This usually takes somewhere between a few weeks to months.

You should get tested if...

Anyone is susceptible to hepatitis A, which is why the vaccine is highly recommended. However, there are certain groups who are more likely to contract the virus. These include those who participate in anal or oral sex, men who engage in sex with other men, those who travel internationally to countries that have a high prevalence of the disease, individuals who use illicit drugs, and those who work in childcare settings where fecal matter is abundant through diapers and young children using the restroom.

Don't make the mistake of waiting to get tested for Hepatitis A.

Hepatitis A Testing - Don't Wait.

There are several ways to get infected with hepatitis A, but the most common involve travel in certain foreign countries, sharing needles when doing intravenous drugs, and having anal sex. If you have done one of these within the past 7 weeks, you should get tested.

STDs don't usually travel alone, so if you have one, it's likely you might be infected with others. The quickest way to find out which STDs you have is to use our 10 Panel STD test, which looks for all the most common STDs all at once.

If you do decide to get tested, it's critical you share any positive results with anyone who may have given you the disease, or may have contracted the disease from you. Stopping the spread of this disease is simple once you have all the information.

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How the process works

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Hepatitis A Testing Services Include:

Confidential STD Testing

The STD Testing process is completely confidential. Only you have access to the results.

Comprehensive 10 Test Panel

We recommend a complete 10 test panel to screen for the most common STDs.

Get 100% Satisfaction

We have specialists to help you through the process should any concerns or questions arise.

Fast Testing Centers

Testing at the testing centers can take as little as 5 minutes. No need to wait.

Free Doctor Consultation

If your test results are positive, you have access to a doctor who can discuss treatment options with you.

Extremely Easy Process

Using our service enables you to get extremely quick, 100% confidential, and reliable STD testing results in a simple 1-2 -3 step process.

Next Steps if you Test Positive

Unlike other STDs, hepatitis A does not require any specific treatment or medication. Getting plenty of rest and eating a nutritious diet is all you need to cure yourself from this disease. However, we always recommend you consult with your physician to make sure you are receiving the proper treatment. We do provide free phone consultations with doctors to ask any further questions regarding the disease and treatment options.

For more information, call 1-800-704-6159.


This test package is for patients who are worried about recent exposure. The HIV Early Detection test can detect HIV as early as 6 days after exposure.

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  • HIV Early Detection
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