What Will Happen During the STD Test?

Once you have gone through the process of choosing the STD test or tests that you would like to have, then you will need to pick from one of our many partner testing centers. You will have thousands of options. Simply enter your zip code, and find a testing center that is near you. We want to make sure this is convenient, so you shouldn't have to go far to find a testing center.

While you can call ahead and find out the best time to arrive for an appointment, this is not necessary. In fact, you don't even have to bring in paperwork. We will send it directly to the testing center you have chosen. The next thing you have to do is arrive at the testing center.

Remember that if you are being tested for gonorrhea or chlamydia, be sure you have not urinated for an hour beforehand.

Arriving at the Testing Center

When you arrive at the STD testing center of your choice, you simply need to check in. They will already have your paperwork, so you won't be required to do anything except provide your name, birth date, and possibly your address and phone number.

The Testing

For most of the STD tests, you will need to provide a blood sample. An experienced phlebotomist will choose a vein in your arm after tying a tourniquet up closer to your shoulder. All this does is help with the visibility of the veins. Once the vein is located, the staff will use a needle to draw blood. It should only take a few moments, and the discomfort is minimal.

If you are having a gonorrhea or chlamydia test, then you will need to go to a bathroom, and you will be provided with a small specimen cup for urine collection. Make sure to follow any steps provided in order to obtain a clean urine sample. Then, provide that sample to the testing center.

You will be in and out of your chosen testing center in just a matter of minutes. There is usually very little to no wait. Once you leave, you can expect to get your STD test results in no more than two days.

If you have any questions or concerns about your STD test results when you receive them, then we will help you by answering your questions. You can call us, and we will go over your test results for you. You are free to speak with a counselor or a doctor to find out more, including if you have received a positive result and you are unsure of what to do next. Just give us a call when you have received your results.

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