Why Is Ordering Online a Better Option

Even if you don't have a concern that you actually have an STD, getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases is not something that you would want people to know. While there is nothing wrong with a healthy sex life, the idea that you could have been exposed to disease can be embarrassing or could hurt your reputation. It is obviously not something you want your friends, family, or even perfect strangers to know. That's completely understandable. And that is also why we believe that ordering your tests online is absolutely the best option. No one has to know what's going on.

To begin with, you don't have to see a doctor at first. Even though your physician will keep everything confidential, just going in and sitting in a waiting room could raise speculation and leave you feeling very uncomfortable. When you order your STD testing online, you can read about the whole process, get answers to many of your questions, and choose the sexually transmitted diseases you want to be tested for without anyone seeing what you are doing.

With our online testing, the only thing you have to do is choose from one of the thousands of testing centers that we partner with. You will be in the door and back out within minutes. That means no waiting around and being seen by other people. Additionally, the testing centers handle a wide variety of blood work, so no one else will even know why you are there.

Next, we get the results to you digitally (through email). Again, you don't have to answer a phone or go in for another appointment. Instead, you can open the email and read the results in complete privacy. There's no reason why anyone will have to see what you are going through.

Finally, we provide telephone consultation and counseling. If you have questions about your test results, you can call us from the privacy of your own home. Again, no one else will hear. No one else will know what is going on or what you may be facing if you have tested positive for an STD.

As for the accuracy and privacy of your information, we work with CLIA certified labs, and all of your results will go through a medical diagnostic expert. They are legally bound to maintain your privacy as well. The results and your personal information are stored in highly protected servers. We go out of our way to ensure your information is never compromised.

When it comes to an STD test, this is not something you want everyone else to know about. That's why online testing is much more confidential and comfortable for you, and you never have to worry about sitting in a waiting room or talking to anyone about your potential concerns if you don't want to.

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